Since 2005, communities worldwide have been stepping up to address the big challenges of our time. Together, they are crowdsourcing solutions, and reimagining and rebuilding our world. There is so much can learn from their good practices that they ought to be at NESI Forum. Today, we are proud to introduce you to Transition Network.  

Transition is a manifestation of the idea that local action can change the world. It’s an attempt to create a context of support, healthy and enriching, in which the practical solutions we all need can flourish.

The purpose of the Transition Movement it to catalyse a historic impulse towards converting the communities we live in into places which are resilient, healthier, of strong local character, while at the same time reducing their ecological footprint. In some ways, it is an experiment launched by people who share a passion; an experiment which has grown and has gone far, appearing in the most unexpected places, in thousands of communities in over 50 countries across the world.

It’s really interesting to look at what drives people who join this movement. From getting to know their neightbours to making a difference in the world or creating a new story for their place, there are lots of different motivations.

In practice, the communities involved in the Transition Movement are reclaiming the economy, sparking entrepreneurship, reimagining work, reskilling themselves and weaving webs of connection and support. All their actions and projects abide by 7 principles: respecting resource limits and creating resilience, promoting inclusivity and social justice, self-organisation, freely sharing ideas and knowledge, continuous learning and experimentation, collaboration and positive visioning and creativity.

But if there is something truly amazing about Transition Network is the fact that it opens up to everyone aiming to start the transition in their local communities through guides and materials that help people start and develop Transition from scratch.

So why did they decide to join NESI?  Ana Huertas, Transition Network Coordinator, explains: If transition means a revitalization of local economies, we need to develop strategies and models to support and strengthen them. One of the Transition Movement’s objectives is to boost local economies in a way which is responsible and in solidarity to allow us to supply the essential needs of people and communities within the planetary limits. For that reason, the Transition Network supports the initiative taken on by NESI Forum to open spaces of debate and joint exploration on how to create the economy we all need.”

The Transition Network will be present energizing various spaces to encourage the economy for transition, where we will discuss themes that range from the importance of economic re-localization to the different types economic transition tools or the presentation of projects aimed at boosting transition at municipal level, such as the project “Municipios en Transición” (Municipalities in Transition). Sure you don’t want to miss it!

See you in Málaga, Spain, on 19th-22th April, 2017?

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Find out more about the Transition Network at:

FB: /transitionnetwork

TW: @transitiontowns

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