New economies and climate change

Climate change is the greatest challenge of humanity for the present century. At NESI we have this very present and that is why we have launched the project: “New economies and social innovation as a tool to mitigate and improve adaptation to climate change”.

The project started in October 2017 and will be running until June 2018. Its main objective is: “reduction of carbon emissions and adaptation to climate change in urban and rural areas”

Get involved

Do you think that the new economies are good tools to fight climate change?

What good practices do you know at the local level?

What are the main challenges to co-create a new economy? How to align economy with the Paris Agreement objectives on climate change?

We are looking forward to hearing your ideas. Here you have three practical steps to get involved in this project.

  1. You can share with us good practices of new economy projects. We are looking for case studies of circular economy, green economy, collaborative consumption, social economy and other local actions. These actions may be policies, business practices, campaigns etc. Moreover, we would like to cover key areas such as energy, construction, mobility, industry and even finances.
  2. Join and participate in our LinkedIn forum. Currently is only in Spanish but English posts are very welcome.
  3. Follow NESI social media. We are active on Facebook and Twitter where you can also share your good practices.

Let´s co-crate a new economy for people and the planet!

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