There are lots of different ways to define success in business. You can focus on your account sheet, or you can look at the impact your operations have on people and the environment. B Corps do the latter. That’s why we would love you to meet them. They are co-organisers of NESI Forum.

As they put it, “B Corp is to business what Fair Trade certification is to coffee or USDA Organic certification is to milk.” It is a label, yes, but it only goes to businesses that work as a force for good. After all, the capital B stands for Better: Better for workers, Better for communities and Better for the environment.

The B Corp Certification is run by B Lab, a non-profit organisation with the mission to use innovative corporate structures to align the interests of business with those of society and to help high impact businesses to be built to last.

In order to get a B Corp Certification, an organisation need to go through a rigorous and independent analysis called the B Impact Assessment. This measures aspects such as transparency, worker ownership and employee benefits, diversity and community practices, and energy use and waste management, amongst others. B Corp redefines success in business, which not only depends on a company’s turnover but also on its social and environmental performance.

But changing business standards means a deeper transformation. Enterprises and entrepreneurs need to start thinking the other way round and go from sorting out the damage after it has been caused to avoiding making it or, even better, to have a positive impact from the beginning. That’s promoting a truly regenerative economy.

There are over 2,000 Certified B Corps from 50 countries. They work in different sectors, from food and retail, to banking, waste management or telecommunications –i.e more than 120 industries. In Latin America, the movement is known as Sistema B, which will also be represented at NESI Forum.

However, if there is something that really shows the impact of B Corps all over the world that is the number of organisations that have applied for this certification since B Lab was founded 10 years ago: 40,000.

In addition to helping thousands of businesses, investors, and institutions to Measure What Matters, B Lab drives this systemic change by sharing success stories on its channel: B the Change Media. And that’s exactly what they would do at NESI Forum, sharing their experience and inspiring many organisations from all over the world to rethink business and economy:

“We are living unprecedented times. The world is changing fast and there are lots of people that don’t know what to do. There are loads of individuals working on their own, trying to bring about social change by themselves. However, only by getting together, at events like NESI, we can create a common identity and find solutions to the greatest challenges we are facing,” explains Daniel Truran.

Are you going to miss out on this opportunity to meet like-minded people and start building a Better world? See you at NESI, on 19-22 April, 2017 (Málaga, Spain).


To find out more about B Corp, have a look at:
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You can also learn more about Sistema B (Spanish) at:
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