Co-creating a roadmap for the new economy of the city

200 actors of social change had gathered past 25th Oct. in Madrid to discuss how to move towards a New Economy in the city

Professionals, politicians and big business, media and prominent figures of public administration gathered last month in Madrid to discuss on New Economy in the city and analyze the relationship between the economy and finance, social enterprises, education and public policy in the framework of the New Economy & Social Innovation Global Forum (Malaga, Spain, 19-22 April 2017).

NESI Madrid 25Oct., has been an excellent opportunity to take part in one of the first pre-debates on New Economy & Social Innovation led by Diego Isabel La Moneda, director of the Global Forum New Economy and Social Innovation (NESI), Sonia Felipe Larios (Triodos Bank), Luis Fernando Crespo (Foundation and group SM), Reyes Montiel ( 3xChange) and Francisco Abad (Business and Society). 

After round-table, working groups participated by more than 200 social-local change-makers discussed and shaped the first roadmap to guide  administration and companies towards a change of economic model, one respectful with people and their well-being, in terms of happiness and dignity.

Special thanks to co-organizers, facilitators and drivers of the day:

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Download full conclusions shortly.

AGENDA 25th Oct. 2016

03:45 pm  Welcome
04:00 pm  Presentation
04:30 pm Round table: Diego Isabel La Moneda, moderator
Reyes Montiel - Public institutions
Sonia Felipe Larios - Triodos Bank - Finances.
Luis Fernando Crespo – Fundación y grupo SM – Education
Francisco Abad - Empresa y Sociedad - Business
05:30 pm Coffee & Networking
06:00 pm Experts panels

1. Diagnosis

2. Lessons learned

3. Initiatives for a sustainable economy in Madrid

4. Proposals for cooperation

  • Companies: facilitator Alejandro Castillo (rrebrand)
  • Finances: facilitator Laurent Ogel (praxxis)
  • Education: facilitator Mariano Sarmiento (somos mejor)
  • Cities: facilitator Daniel (somos mejor)
07:30 pm Open Dialogue
08:10 pm Final conclusions
08:20 pm Wine Coctel & Networking




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