1Registration14:00 15:30FYCMA
2Musical Welcome15:30 16:00FYCMA
3WelcomeFrancisco de la Torre , Elías Bendodo , Brenda King , Rebeca Pastor 16:00 16:30FYCMA
4New economy models and social innovation: An opportunity for a better EuropeCarlos Trías Pinto , Brenda King 16:30 16:50FYCMA
5KEYNOTE: The new economy is here and nowDiego Isabel La Moneda 16:50 17:05FYCMA
6DIALOGUE FOR CHANGE: Co-creating the new economy through social innovation and collaborationGunter Pauli , Peter Holbrook , Marcos Eguiguren , Kristen Steele , Rishabh Khanna , Daniel Truran , Albert Cañigueral , Juan del Río , Josette Combes , Juan Antonio Pedreño , Aniol Esteban 17:05 18:15Auditorium
7NESI Explanation + Forum methodologySilvia Montoya , Jay Tompt , Michael Weatherhead 18:15 18:35Auditorium
8"The NESI Charter" "Carta de Málaga" explanation18:35 18:45Auditorium
9READING "The NESI Charter" "Carta de Málaga"18:45 19:00
10Artistic performance
1Doors Open8:30 9:00FYCMA
2Session IntroductionJay Tompt 9:00 9:10Auditorium
3KEYNOTE: La transformación personal como motor del cambio que queremos ver en el mundo (SP with translation)Joan Antoni Melé 9:10 9:25Auditorium
4KEYNOTE: Reshaping global trade for the common good: a holistic alternative to free trade and protectionismChristian Felber 9:25 9:40Auditorium
5DIALOGUE FOR CHANGE: How can we achieve some Sustainable Development Goals?Christian Felber , Eliza Anyangwe , Joan Antoni Melé , Katherine Trebeck , Albert Cañigueral 9:40 10:30Auditorium
6Explaining Open-Space & Working SessionsJay Tompt 10:30 10:35Auditorium
7Coffee Break
8TRACK 3. "Globalisation & Localisation: Food, energy, trade and resilient communities"10:50 12:45PARALLEL WORKING SESSIONS
9Working session 3.1. : Local production, trade and consumption in a global planetKatherine Trebeck , Juan del Río , Monica Di Sisto Room 1
10Working session 3.2. : Food sovereignty and healthy lifeJosé Esquinas , Africa G. Zanella , Celsa Peiteado Morales , Judith Hitchman Room 2
11Working session 3.3. : Co-creating Social-Sustainable-Sharing-Smart CitiesAlbert Cañigueral , Ana Huertas , Eric Lavillunière , Tom Llewellyn Room 3
12Working session 3.4. : Democratizing energy: Energy and scale in the new economyNicola Cerantola , Jaume Aliaga , Gijsbert Huijink Room 4
13Working session 3.5. : Eco-design, bio-construction, circular economy and sustainable urbanism. Building habitable places with common senseAndy Goldring , Petra Jebens – Zirkel , Iñaki Alonso , Pablo Farfán Room 5
14Working session 3.6. : Wellbeing and Happiness as policy tools and drivers of the economyFelipe Viveros , Sherub Chokii , Sonam Tsoki Tenzin , Michael Weatherhead , Joshua Malkin , Florence Scialom Room 6
1Game15:00 15:15Dynamics in central square of FYCMA
2"Call to Action" Explanation15:15 15:30Dynamics in central square of FYCMA
3"Call to Action" 15:30 16:15Dynamics in central square of FYCMA
4Break16:15 16:30
5Final Session: Conclusions16:30 17:00Auditorium
6Next Steps17:30 17:45
7NESI Farewell17:45 18:00
8Artistic Performance 18:00 18:30
9Sharing Party21:00To be confirmed
1Local projects interactions10.00 am *to be determined
2Special Lunch with Volunteers1.45 pm*to be determined