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“A lot of small people in small places doing small things can change the world.” E. Galeano

NESI Forum 2017 is a Global Forum on New Economy and Social Innovation that brings together for the first time in history the main international representatives of the so-called New Economic Movements (NEMs).

NESI will be held in Malaga, Spain, in April 2017.

NESI Forum is possible thanks to the support of Ayuntamiento de Málaga and Diputación de Málaga, and a wide range of organizations and networks working together for a New Economy.

Co-creating a common narrative

Despite the good intentions of the Sustainable Development Goals
we are still coping with problems such as poverty, inequality or the violation of human rights.

Under the current economic system new problems have arisen such as the climate change or forced migration.

It is time to create a new narrative and to set up the principles of a new economy.

On the other hand, so-called New Economy models (NEMs) are trying to demonstrate that other economic model is feasible. Models such as Social&Solidarity Economy, Economy for the Common Good, Sharing Economy (based on values), Circular Economy, Fair Trade, Social Enterprises, Transition Town or Degrowth are demonstrating both theoretically and practically that there are alternatives.

For all the above, our aim is to strengthen collaboration among all the NEMs and the organizations, movements and people who dream and work for a new democratic and people-oriented economy.

Diego Isabel La Moneda 
Director of New Economy & Social Innovation (NESIFORUM2017)