Friends of NESI, it is a pleasure to enjoy this landscape together. Thanks for opening Windows letting currents of new air aerate in.

Its been 6 years since we, at ‘Quiero’ decided to go outside and see what was being said in a meeting called Sustainable Brands, which had just been created in San Francisco. Little or nothing was heard in our country on social innovation, economy for the common good, not even bcorps.

For a small company like ours, we felt that we needed to know what was said beyond the monotonous discussion about CSR at our country. We went there and brought the conversation back. First to Barcelona and then to Madrid.

We wanted to share with you what we heard there: that we met passionate people who believe in their work, people who are creating change. Big companies that are bcorps, small multi-nationals that innovate so that there can be another way of doing things: Etsi, Patagonia, Unilever, the Good Guide…

Why did a SME like Quiero, bring this over here? Because we wanted to open windows.

Sustainable Brands was born to share experiences, good and bad, around the way in which companies are trying to work in the framework of sustainability, from a clear business standpoint. “outside” they spoke there about social innovation, bcorps, businesses at the bottom of the pyramid, profitability, value, credibility…Innovation, a lot of innovation. We were delighted. We still are delighted.

Sustainable Brands does not intend to lead, nor to become a model for anything. We at ‘Quiero’ want Sustainable Brands to be a meeting point where big and small companies, citizens and administrations can interact towards building a more sustainable world.

We are the kind who think that we are facing a complex reality, and only by collaboration with all stakeholders in society we will be capable of generating the change that our world needs. Spaces such as NESI are building in the same direction and we are proud to join and contribute to the debate that NESI has opened. A debate with a worldwide calling.

In this edition of Sustainable Brands, which is held in Madrid on 7, 8 and 9 May, the subject will be “Activating Purpose”. Or in other words: how do we and the organizations that we are a part of, whatever they may be, identify our role in society and what can we do to make it better.

In the programme, we will have 5 big sub-topics that will allow us to develop our central subject matter around the purpose:

  • We will explore the macro scenario of purpose considering contemporary environmental, social and economic forces.
  • We will get to know the type of leadership that has given rise to the creation and execution of purpose in many of the current noteworthy brands and innovative sustainability solutions.
  • We will discover how the commitment of the employees and organizational development can improve performance and integrate environmental and social purpose at the core of the brands.
  • We will share strategies to connect the purpose of the brand with the purpose of the client.
  • And also, we will learn the steps to attracting providers and sellers with success in the search for a unified purpose throughout the value chain.

We will have speakers from well-known brands and organizations such as Owen Rogers, Co-founder of IDEO, Mary Barnard, the President of the Chocolate division of Mondelez International, Aurelie Dumont, Senior Director of EMEA Sustainability from Timberland, Dave Stangis, Vice-president of Corporate Responsibility and Director of Sustainability from Campbell, Louise Stevens, Sustainability Manager of Innocent Drinks, Christopher Miller, Activism Director from Ben and Jerry´s, Aris Vrettos, Director of the Sustainability Leadership Programme from Cambridge, Adam Elman, Plan A Director of Marks and Spencer, Francisco Prat, Food Marketing Director of Unilever… and opinion leaders such as Lord Michael Hastings, Amani Al-Khatahtbeh (Muslim Girl) or the well-known artist Eduardo Srur.

From here, we invite you to come to Sustainable Brands Madrid. As participants and attendants at NESI you will enjoy some special conditions*. And of course as entrepreneurs, students, academics or groups connected to the third sector, you can benefit from rates designed for you.

Let’s enjoy the fresh air, the views and each other.

Welcome to NESI. Welcome to Sustainable Brands Madrid.

*Register in SBMadrid with a 30% discount on the final price of entry for participating in NESI using this code in the registration process: De_NESI_A_SB17Madrid30

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