A sustainable event open to the city to show local projects and proposals around social innovation.
As an instrument, the NESI Market [x 13] uses Art and Responsible Consumption to create an accessible and singular experiential space.
At the Center of Contemporary Art (CAC Málaga)


Exterior of the CAC. Exhibition spaces for services, workshops, seating area and networking.


11.00 12.00 DOCUMENTARY Rare but Not Invisible Shadow

Assembly Hall

Double. The project has become a national reference platform on minority diseases, social inclusion and biomedical research.

11.15 12.00 WORKSHOP 1, 2, 3 … trying!

Workshop 1, interior CAC

Comprehensive intergenerational communication workshop to promote empathy through improvisation by Líbero Association

12.00h 14.00  WORKSHOP Building our neighborhood

Workshop 2, interior CAC

Intergenerational workshop to create networks through play and creative recycling by El Ganchillo Social

12.10 13.00 DOCUMENTARY Do we Change it?

Assembly hall CAC

Ethnic Fashion Documentary showing a new way of understanding fashion and the textile industry by Zimoneda Producciones

13.30 14.15 TALK Slow Fashion “Fashion with positive impact”

Assembly hall CAC

Talk to understand the basic criteria of what sustainable fashion means and discover initiatives by Géma Gómez Communicator, trainer, coach and founder of Slow Fashion Next

16.00 16.15 DOCUMENTARY NO JUNGLE of the “Jungla de Calais”

Assembly hall CAC

A camp that is now dismantled where its director, Carmen Menéndez, spent 20 days with the Syrian refugees.

16.30 17.00 DOCUMENTARY “Neglected diseases”

Assembly hall CAC

Presentation “Forgotten Diseases” and screening of the documentary “Drugs, right kidnapped” by Víctor M. González de Farmamundi Development cooperation NGO, humanitarian and emergency action that is born to ensure that health is a universal right.

17.00 PREMIÉRE in Spain of DOCUMENTAL Latin America in motion: an economy at the service of the Society

Assembly hall CAC

A journey through Latin America to meet people who break with the traditional economic paradigm to improve the living conditions of millions of people. Alejandro Medina and Jacobo Castellanos travel through different parts of the Latin American continent to study solidarity economy

Documentary by América Soy.

18.30 19.00 TALK Poetry in marginal environments

Assembly hall CAC

Poetry as an instrument of social innovation in marginal environments, by Angel Arenas, anthropologist, lecturer and social entrepreneur. Poetics.


11.30-14.30h WORKSHOP Exquisite Hexagonal Cadaver

Exterior CAC

Intergenerational and inclusive workshop and drawing “in situ” by Urban Sketchers Málaga, local group that belongs to the international group that brings together people who are fond of drawing the five continents.

12.30 13.20 HEXAGONAL TABLE Where is the turn of the nut

Exterior CAC

Dialogue and conclusions of NESI Forum

Some people who participate in the hexagonal table:

  • Ruth Sanabria (Director General of Social Services and Citizen Participation)
  • Diego Isabel La Moneda (Impeller of the Global Hub and Director of NESI Forum)
  • Carlos M. Guevara (Doctor in Genetics and Scientific Communicator)
  • Gema Slow (Designer and Founder of Slow Fashion Next)
  • Enrique González (Director of Verdecora)
  • Alejandro Medina and Jacobo Castellanos (Co-founders of America Soy)
  • Fernando Pozo (Independent Film Director, Video Clips and Advertising)
  • José Arribas (Co-founder of Ecoemprende)
  • Eva del Ruste (Market Promoter of 13)

13.30 14.30 Dance with Málaga Swing

15:00 Special LUNCH with volunteers of NESI FORUM 2017.

17.00 18.30 WORKSHOP The World of Good Living

Intergenerational creative and gymkana urban workshop of values ​​and animation of mimo by Lorens Witty

17.30 18.30 WORKSHOP AcroYOGA inclusive

AcroYoga is the fusion of the wisdom and practice of Yoga, Acrobatics and Thai massage. Workshop for children, adults and people with special needs and exhibition by Acrology


(Exterior CAC)

Smile shows the story of overcoming the families of Raúl, affected by cerebral palsy, and Daniel, autism. Documentary that transfers the need to educate in the integration and to clear fears to the unknown.

18.45 19.30 THEATER “Antidote” Flamenco-Theater transgenic seeds, by Rakatá.

Amanda Zavanelli, Maricarmen Galli and Daniel Vega, the three artists form the Rakatá group.


*** THE END ***