The Network of Wellbeing (NOW) is a UK non-profit organisation aiming to build a network of individuals and organisations committed to the understanding and practice of wellbeing as a societal as well as personal objective. We are delighted to announce they are co-organisers of NESI Forum. This is their story!

The Network of Wellbeing’s vision is of a world where everyone’s wellbeing needs are met within the planet’s natural limits. They believe that people’s happiness depends in part on the health of the communities in which they live and work. This, in turn, depends on the fairness of society as a whole, and the long-term health of the natural world on which we all depend. Their mission is to build a collaborative movement of people and organisations who share their holistic view and who are committed to improving wellbeing.

There is a clear link between the economy and wellbeing, and this is NOW’s motivation for supporting NESI. As its Director, Roger Higman, explains, more and more people are questioning whether the ways we organise our economy are working. On the one hand, a very few seem to gain enormous wealth, while on the other hand, the wellbeing of many more is compromised by poverty, the need to work long hours for little reward or by growing insecurity. And all the while, human economic activity is harming the natural world, on which the wellbeing of us all ultimately depends. We clearly need new economic models, which place wellbeing at their heart. This is why we’re excited to support NESI, where there is an opportunity for those passionate about and working on new economic models can connect and support each other”.

Through NOW’s website and social media channels, this network shares relevant content about different issues and projects related to wellbeing, to inspire conversation and action on key topics. For example, they have previously published interviews with well-known figures such as Satish Kumar, the chair of NOW’s Trustees and a founder of Schumacher College and Resurgence Magazine - which we greatly recommend!

In recent months, many of NOW’s blogs and videos have focused on the economy. We’ve heard from many engaging experts and inspiring projects: Tim Jackson, on how economics has confused the means with the ends and offering practical advice on transitioning to a wellbeing economy; Stuart Wallis, on how we need to shift away from “the 4 ‘U’s of our current economy: Unsustainable, unfair, unstable and unhappy”; and Helena Norberg-Hodge, on restoring and rebuilding our deeper connections to each other and to nature. They have also shared examples, such as the work going on in the English town of Frome, where they’ve explored the barriers, possibilities and potential for moving the town’s economy from one that had been focused on blind growth to one centered on wellbeing for all.

NOW is passionate about building wellbeing together, and through sharing inspiring ideas and examples they hope to connect people, raise awareness and inspire action. “This is another reason why we are so excited to be a part of the NESI Forum, an event with which we share a passion building valuable connections and strengthening collaboration”, they say. “We look forward to seeing you there!”


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