Ana Gómez

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Ana Gómez

Ana Gomez. NESI project area specialist

Originally from Madrid, Spain, nowadays she considers herself a citizen of this planet because she finds always a reason in a place to stay longer. She is being a slow traveler for the last 4 years.

She is totally in love with the world and its diversity, with people and their different cultures, with nature and the gifts SHE offers to us every single day. She decided to change her lifestyle in 2014 and since that day she has collaborated in many projects around the world related to Permaculture, Responsible Farming, Education and Responsible Tourism.

Ana created a Responsible Travel Blog in 2016 called Viajar alimenta el alma where she is trying to bring closer to everyone the awareness of our impact when travelling and the knowledge of many different sustainable alternatives available everywhere.

Before travelling she was working for Centro Cultural de Idiomas, helping people of all ages to travel abroad, learn languages in those countries and develop their cultural intelligence.

She feels thrilled to be part of NESI and contribute to our mission and vision. Ana is bringing to NESI her working experience, her travelling experiences and her personality and energy to achieve our mission for people and the planet.