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Speakers and Contributors
· NESI Forum 2019 ·


Rajiv Joshi

Rajiv Joshi is a social entrepreneur and activist who serves as Managing Director and a founding member of The B Team. He is working actively with some of the world’s most influential CEOs to help redefine the role of business in tackling inequality, corruption, climate change and other barriers to sustainable development.

Rajiv has served as a Trustee of Oxfam and as Executive Director and Head of Programs for the Global Call to Action against Poverty (GCAP), the world’s largest civil society alliance working to end poverty and inequality.

Carlos Trias

Carlos Trias

Carlos Trias has spent more than a decade representing consumers in the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC), committed to tipping the transition from finance to truly ethical environments, committed to sustainable economic models. The EESC opinions that it has presented, built on cooperation and the construction of consensus, endorse inclusive, participatory and transparent lines of intervention, giving real protagonism to people … and the planet, of course.


Andrea Somma-Trejos

For more than a decade, Andrea Somma-Trejos has been dedicated to several non-profit initiatives in sustainability and the arts, and is a passionate advocate of women’s empowerment. In 2017 she founded the Costa Rica Fashion Summit (CRFS), the first sustainable fashion forum in the region, reuniting the most relevant experts worldwide.

The success of this initiative led Andrea to create OMINA, an ambitious non- profit venture that seeks to inspire people to adopt a sustainable lifestyle by spreading global visionaries’ perceptions. Andrea Somma-Trejos is also country coordinator of Fashion Revolution.


Pedro Tarak

In 1984 Pedro co-founded Fundación Ambiente y Recursos Naturales in Argentina and was Managing Editor of the first environmental law journal in Spanish.

He also co-founded Emprendia, the first B Corp in Argentina, and became a board member and shareholder of Guayakí, a beverage firm that includes ecosystem regeneration and social inclusion in its core business.

He is co-founder of Sistema B, an organization dedicated to promoting B Corps in South America, and he is highly engaged in the globalization of the B Corp movement together with B Lab from the U.S.


Amy Tennent

Amy is a Director of Cripps Foundation, and also a Director of Minsmere Pty Ltd, a Director and Executive Vice President of Chartwell Industries Ltd., and is the Chairman of Velcro Industries N.V. She has recently been appointed to the ECOF Committee of the Trinity College Foundation (June 2015), and in 2014 became a member of the Campaign Board for the University of Melbourne.

Sacha 2019

Sacha Bernal Coate

Founder & Strategic Designer of Kimiya Tactics SL, a consulting and training company focused on process and organizational improvement from a regenerative-collaborative business paradigm, primarily within the tourist industry. His back ground is a 30-year career in the Luxury Hotel segment, with both operational and corporate experience, mostly in Starwood Hotels & Resorts, where he participated in the development of Six Sigma, Lean and Blue Ocean Strategy.
He is passionate about permaculture and land restoration and applies the principles to sustainable innovation, becoming a catalyst for business change in the era of new economics and social innovation. He is board member and leader of the sustainability project for the Asociacion Empresas Turísticas de Cadiz, President of the Medina Sidonia Tourism Forum, and founding member of the Red Agroecológica de Cádiz.
Amaya Apestegia

Amaya Apesteguía

She works at OCU in the study of the “new consumers” and the search for solutions to improve society from consumption. She has been member of the United Nations multi-stakeholder advisory committee for SDG 12 (Information for sustainable consumption and production).

She has coordinated the joint research of OCU and NESI Forum “Another consumption for a better future” (January 2019), which shows that 73% of Spanish consumers already take into account social or ecological aspects in their consumption decisions; that ethical consumption goes far beyond what we buy and is expressed above all in our habits; and that there are immense barriers that the consumer faces in terms of information, accessibility, price and trust. Barriers that from the new economies, responsible companies and public administrations, must be reduced to allow this committed consumer to flourish.


Marcos Eguiguren

Marcos (Spain/The Netherlands) is an Economist and PhD in Business Administration. An entrepreneur that has started companies in different industries including financial services, technology and professional services. He brings a wealth of experience including banking, consulting, management and research. Marcos is known for his ability to lead the strategic delivery of profitable, sustainable, values-based business models.

As Executive Director of the GABV Marcos is building the values-based banking movement and growing our work with members, partners, experts and policy makers to influence the banking system so that it is more transparent, ethical, robust and real-economy focused. Marcos is also a professor of Business Administration at Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya.


Peter Holbrook

Peter Holbrook became CEO of Social Enterprise UK in January 2010. Social Enterprise UK is the national trade body for social enterprise and represents a wide range of social enterprises, regional and national support networks and other related organisations. SEUK works to promote social enterprise as a model for changing both business and society.

Peter has established, developed and supported hundreds of diverse social enterprises over his career. He has advised government taskforces in the UK and overseas and chaired the Social Enterprise World Forum, the global network of social businesses until 2015. He was appointed a CBE in 2015.

Nicola Cerantola

Nicola Cerantola

Mechanical engineer, trainer, speaker, consultant & researcher on Sustainable Design, Circular Economy and Green Entrepreneurship. External expert for UNEP-UNIDO, he is founder and director of Ecologing. Author and mindshaker he has been teaching and provoking thousands of people to think differently about sustainability at important universities and business school around the world.

He has been, also, exploring how to help organisations creating the Ecocanvas, an “circular” update of Business Model Canvas. He loves anthropology, travelling and learning from different cultures, observing and experiencing adventures to generate a valuable and inspirational impact to those people that he finds along the way.


Ana Huertas

Coordinator of Red de Transición (Transition Spain) and of the Municipalities in Transitionproject, and currently serves as Vice-President of ECOLISE. She is a sustainability consultant, group process facilitator and transition trainer, focusing her activity on supporting community resilience processes and projects. She has also done research on citizen engagement and harnessing collective intelligence to solve local problems.

She has worked in international cooperation and holds a degree in International Relations (University of Plymouth) and a Masters in Sustainable Agriculture and Rural Development (Montpellier SupAgro).

IMG_6705-low (2)

Lars Fogh Mortensen

Is an expert on sustainable consumption and production working at the European Environment Agency (EEA). He prepares assessments and advices policy makers on the sustainability of textiles, plastics and electronics. He has over 20 years of experience working on sustainability in international organisations, including from the OECD and the UN Division on Sustainable Development. He is also an author of a large number of academic articles and book chapters on sustainability.

Jonathan Schieffers

Jonathan Schifferes

For two London boroughs, Jonathan manages the city government’s affordable housing programme. The Housing and Land Directorate also works in partnership with charities and businesses to plan and deliver a significant increase in new homes, including piloting new technologies and finance models.

Previously, Jonathan worked for public policy think tanks (The RSA, New Economics Foundation) evaluating the impact of interventions in the built environment, advising on devolution of powers to local government, and exploring the role of the historic built environment in social and economic development. His background is in urban design, urban planning, and community development.


Donnie Maclurcan

Donnie Maclurcan Ph.D. leads the Post Growth Institute, an international organization exploring how we thrive within ecological limits. Believing purpose-driven enterprise is the key, Donnie has consulted to over 450 not-for-profit businesses across 30 countries.

His own initiatives include the (En)Rich List, the Post Growth Alliance, the Offers and Needs Market process, Silent Skype team meetings, The Not for Profit Way training, Free Money Day and the globally-used #postgrowth hashtag. An Affiliate Professor of Economics at Southern Oregon University and Fellow of the Royal Society for the Arts, Donnie is completing his fourth book: How on Earth: Our future is not for profit.


Susana Martin Belmonte

Susana is an economist, researcher, writer and activist. Although she has dedicated most of her professional career to the online business, Susana is committed to the field of monetary reform, monetary and financial innovation, and complementary and alternative currencies.

His works include an independent research into the true nature of the monetary and financial system and its impact on the real economy, on environmental sustainability and on the social inequality (income and wealth). Currently, she works for the REC citizen currency project in Barcelona, ??in the B-MINCOME EU project, directed by Barcelona city council, ??where she is responsible for the monetary model, the legal viability and technology. Susana has been an e-commerce professor in the Master of Citius (UAM), and has taught complementary currencies in the Master of Smart Cities (UdG) and is the author of different publications and reports in this field.

Melanie trocoli 2019

Melanie Trocoli

“I am Melanie, entrepreneur in veganized – non toxic fashion, the first sustainable fashion concept store in the heart of Malaga and manager of a family business with 2 daughters. I want to be part of a more sustainable world, for us, our daughters and for every kids, I am looking for alternatives to mass production without respect for the environment, animals and people exploited.

Until becoming Social Entrepreneur, with a very novel concept in the retail sector, I learned in multinational companies in marketing and wholesale trade the functioning of conventional economies. But already very young in my first career as a registered nurse I wanted to contribute something different, my ethical and sustainable values. My psychology studies have contributed even more to a different vision about the current world. Today with veganized we introduce in the market the first concept store with the values ??vegan, fair trade, organic, toxic free , cradel to cradle urban fashion

Carol Blázquez 2019

Carol Blázquez

Carol Blázquez has extensive experience in the fashion industry but it is in 2010 when she joins the Ecoalf project as Creative Director and from there develops her passion for creating materials and processes much more respectful with the planet, until becoming in the Present Director of Innovation and Sustainability and Patron of the Ecoalf Foundation.

Responsible for ensuring the values of the brand so that they are the engine of the company and proud to be part of the BCORP community.

Alex Mejia 2019

Alex Mejía

Mr. Mejía was appointed Director of UNITAR’s Division for People and Social Inclusion in 2018. Within  the Division, he also serves as Senior Manager of UNITAR’s Social Development Programme (SDP),  which he has lead since October 2012. Prior to these posts in Geneva, Mr. Mejía served for three  years as Director of UNITAR’s Hiroshima Office in Japan, and for four years as Director of UNITAR’s  CIFAL training centre in Atlanta, USA. In his current capacity, he serves as Director of UNITAR’s global  network of 17 training centers, and is responsible for several other programmes within UNITAR’s  Division for People and Social Inclusion, including the Nigeria Project Office and the Human Mobility  Programme managed out of New York.

Mr. Mejía is a citizen of Ecuador, and his career spans two decades in private and public organizations. After obtaining his first master’s degree in 1992, he worked in corporate banking in Latin America for  six years. In 1998, he joined his country’s foreign service as a diplomat, serving as Counsellor at the  Ecuadorian Embassy in Bogotá, Colombia. In 2001, he became Vice Minister of Economy for the  Republic of Ecuador. During this period, he also served as Alternate Governor to the International  Monetary Fund, to the World Bank, and to the Inter-American Development Bank, and as a member  of the Board of Directors of Ecuador’s Central Bank. From 2003 to 2005, he worked in Washington, DC as the Director of the Inter-American Council’s Andean Program, an entity chartered by the   Organization of American States.

Mr. Mejía holds a master’s degree in Foreign Affairs from Georgetown University in Washington DC,  and a master’s degree in Business Administration from INCAE University in Costa Rica. He also holds a Diploma in Political Leadership from Harvard University.

Benoit 2019

Benoît Lallemand

Benoît is the Secretary General of Finance Watch, the NGO dedicated to making finance serve society. He also initiated the Citizens’ Dashboard of Finance, a platform allowing a broad range of stakeholders, including pioneers in sustainable businesses and financial services, academics and civil society organizations to engage on a global campaign to Change FinanceBefore joining Finance Watch upon its creation in 2011, Benoît spent more than ten years in the financial sector.

Tomas de Lara

Tomás de Lara

Initiator and Co-leader of Ciudades+B / Cities CAN B  (Multi-stakeholder initiative to foster civic  and business engagement on social and environmental good practices),   co-founder and co-chair of Colaboramerica  (International festival on new economies),  Member of the board of Sistema B Brasil  (B Corps Movement),   Member of the advisory board of CEBDS  (Brazilian Business Council for Sustainable Development)   co-founder of Goma, (co-owning space and collaborative ecosystem of social entrepreneurs), and   co-founder of Rio de Janeiro and Porto Alegre’s Hub of Global Shapers Community  from the World Economic Forum.

Ana Gomez 2019

Ana Gómez

Ana is the Network Wellbeing Lead for WEAll. The last 5 years she has been travelling around the globe working with different projects, from ecovillages to organic farms. Ana is an advocate for responsible and sustainable tourism via her blog Viajar alimenta el alma and is leading a project to use tourism to repopulate rural parts of Spain. Her work history includes time with Centro Cultural de Idiomas, leading their Responsible for Exchange Language Programs.

At OUR ecovillage she lived in Vancouver Island, she was responsible to welcome and integrate volunteers into the village life. She coordinated within the community the educational activities as well. Moreover, she founded with 3 more people Sunsorya Fair Trade Cooperative to support Cambodian families’ food productions.

Jacob Assa 2019

Jacob Assa

Jacob has been working at the United Nations system for 20 years, first as a statistician and then as an economist. At UN-DESA’s statistics division he worked in the areas of national accounts and development indicators, and also served as chief of the statistical dissemination section. From 2015 to 2017 he worked as economic affairs officer for the High-Representative for the Least Developed Countries, before joining HDRO in May 2017.
Jacob holds a Ph.D. in economics from the New School for Social Research, and his dissertation on the financialization of GDP has been published as a book by Routledge in 2016. Jacob has published in several peer-reviewed journals, and his research interests include the political economy of national accounting, financialization, inequality and growth, composite indicators, and the conflict-development nexus. He is currently exploring the interlinkages of human development and the SDGs, as well as inequality and its connection to various aspects of development.
Mikel Feijoo

Mikel Feijoo Elzo

He is the general director and founder of the Skunkfunk women’s and men’s fashion brand, specializing in sustainable fashion products. With a degree in History from the University of the Basque Country, Feijoo started up Skunkfunk in 1992, in Gernika, where he opened his first store. After incorporating the shareholder Luis Alberto Gandarias, a graduate in Business, Skunfunk began to grow in international markets to have a distribution network of more than twenty establishments.
Daniel Truran 2019

Daniel Truran

Passion : Impact innovator, Scaler, Speaker and Enabler. Bringing useful innovation to meaningful organisations and people who want to adapt and thrive in the fast evolving opportunities offered by this new collaborative era. 

How:  He currently lives his passion serving as B Corp Ambassador at B Lab Europe. Director General of ebbf – ethical business building the future. Co-founder of The Impact Hub Madrid. Professor at various impact innovation MBAs and Univestiries at EOI, IE, UEM, IED and RIC.
Shonan Kothari 2019

Shonan Kothari

At Finance Watch, Shonan activates a network of people and organisations to start campaigning on finance reform. She has created ChangeFinance.org, where she builds campaigns together with civil society activists and other stakeholders.

She develops and coordinates the Change Finance coalition, as it tries to build a consistent and compelling story about why and how finance needs to change in order to deal with the big social, economic and environmental challenges we’re facing today. Previously, she has built policy communications platforms at the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).

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Albert Cañigueral

Albert Cañigueral is the Connector Ouishare for Spain and Latin America. He founded the blog Consumo Colaborativo in 2011 and since then has been considered one of the benchmarks of the collaborative economy in Spanish. He works as a disseminator and consultant in the adaptation of organizations to the collaborative economy.

Johnny Azpilicueta 2019

Johnny Azpilicueta

Entrepreneur, Activist, Holistic Designer, Facilitator, Speaker, Natural Philosopher. Dragon Dreaming trainer, creator of FlowInOut methodology. Creativity&Social Innovation consultant. Founder of MolinodeGuadalmesi, Founder of TarifaEcocenter, Founder of TheArtofCo (European Week for the Art of Collaboration) Founder of ThinkSmart. President of LetsDoItSpain.

Iñaqui Alonso 2019

Iñaki Alonso

Urban Architect by the University of Architecture of Madrid (ETSAM) since 1998. Founder and CEO of the architecture studio sAtt, founder and ex-president of the association of economy companies Triple Balance SANNAS. Founder and president of ECOMETRO, association for the measurement and diffusion of ecology in architecture. Patron of the EL PUENTE Foundation dedicated to social innovation. Founding member and architect of the first cohousing in Madrid, ENTREPATIOS.

Marijana 2019

Marijana Donati

Having returned from the US where I used to be a MB member of the NACET (Northern Arizona Centre for Entrepreneurship and Technology), I fully pledge myself to contribute to a wellbeing economy movement.

A former chief of economist, advisor to a CEO of a bank, a team leader, the PUM Netherland representative, a former junior advisor to the International Monetary Fund led me to experience “epiphany”. The latter directed me to a full “reincarnation” from a hard-core macroeconomist to a wellbeing homo sapiens and a “wellbeing macroeconomist” encompassing my genuine intention to contribute to a new global movement, to save us and the only home we have, the planet Earth.

Daniel Hires 2019

Daniel Hires

Daniel is a social entrepreneur, innovation consultant, and speaker on sustainability and social innovation. He has worked for 12+ years at the intersection of technology, sustainability, and business strategy – to deliver innovation that matters. Daniel co-founded two chapters of MakeSense, a digital platform and global network of social entrepreneurs, the social innovation ‘un-conference’ SenseCamp, which has taken place more than 30 times around the world, and the climate activist movement “Silent Climate Parade” in Berlin. 

Recently, he worked with UN Environment on an entrepreneurship program for 400+ teams in 8 countries. Previously, he raised €1.4m for a climate rating for investment funds later known as Climetrics. A believer in tomorrow’s talent, he has mentored dozens of teams around the world.


Ehab Elia

In over fifteen years of professional experience, Ehab  developed a real passion for Tech projects and Collective Intelligence methods. He was a Tech Lead for several OuiShare projects like Ouishare Fest (THE international RDV of the Emergent Economy in Paris) and Poc21.cc. On the other hand, he helps organisations which seeks change from within using collective intelligence methods.  He is also the co-founder of Ouishare Egypt and the Founder & CEO of AltShift Festival.
maria 2019

María Lorente

María helps clients increase levels of awareness and catalyse their integral development through leadership and organisational development and executive coaching. As an organisational consultant, she supports clients with behavioural and cultural change initiatives and leading change for sustainability in a complex world. She contributes to building relationships and facilitating interactions to improve performance and develop more resilient and conscious leaders and organisations. María works at the intersection of business, public institutions and civil society, bridging emerging business trends, personal development and social innovation.

She is co-founder of new worlds group (www.newworldsgroup.com) and Instituto Mindful Leading (www.imindful.es), organisations dedicated to accompanying the transformation of leaders and organisations to co-create a more resilient and sustainable future and Adjunct Faculty for Ashridge / Hult Executive Education and Instituto de Empresa.

luca coscieme 2019

Luca Coscieme

Luca is a Marie Sk?odowska-Curie and CAROLINE research fellow from Trinity College Dublin. His research focuses on ecosystem services and natural capital evaluation and the Sustainable Development Goals indicators.

Luca is contributing to theoretical and practical reforming of the economics discipline overcoming paradigms of growth at all costs. Since 2015 he is Fellow of the Intergovernmental Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES) and Member of the RESURBE initiative for transition to resilience and adaptation through community development under the umbrella of the United Nations (UNEP, UNDP and UNESCO) and FAO. Since 2018 he is Associate Member of the Well-Being Economy Alliance. He is Editor of Frontiers in Energy Research and Frontiers in Sustainable Cities and authored multiple publications on international peer-reviewed journals.

Ivan del caz 2019

Ivan del Caz de Diego

His professional challenge is to help organizations define and develop a strategy that reinforces their presence in current and future segments, based on attributes and values that place the interests of society at the same level as the company’s. The commitment to the common good to move towards a better world must be the basis of the strategy and the creation of value and brand of any organization in the short, medium and long term.

Iván is Consultant in Branding Approved by the Basque Government – SPRI and consultant in ethical and socially responsible management for Forética. He has directed projects of strategy for the common good, branding, communication and marketing for different organisms and companies Speaker and trainer in different areas of business strategy oriented to the common good and positive social impact.

Master in Marketing Management and Business Management from the British University Hertfordshire, Higher Diploma in Marketing from the Basque Country Marketing Institute (I.M.P.V.). Specialties: Common Good, Consultant, strategy, marketing, communication, publicity, PR, Internet, social media, branding, CSR, CSR.

Javier Goikoetxea 2019

Javier Goikoetxea

Javier is one of the best exponents on what is the personal transformation towards the Common Good. He worked for almost 30 years in “the dark side”, in national and multinational companies that are within the capitalist wheel. He has developed his work immersed in the direction of commercial teams, quality and production.

He says that one day he suffered a “mental” stroke, and decided to leave everything behind to dedicate himself to accompanying organizations in the search for economic, social and environmental sustainability through ethics and values. He is a founding partner of BIKOnsulting, the first cooperative of consultants for the Common Good. Connector of NESI Euskadi.

Expert in the development and application of positive impact metrics and new economies. Speaker and lecturer; consultant and expert auditor in Economics of the Common Good and consultant BCorps, Monetization of the Social Value of GEAcounting and Smeta de Sedex organizations.


Michael Weatherhead

Michael lives in Spain with his wife and son, after moving from South Africa where he was international director of the consulting arm of NEF. He holds post-grad qualifications in economics and organisational development and loves blending rigorous analysis with innovative approaches to opening up  learning spaces and finding solutions. Luckily there’s no dip in his wellbeing from moving to Spain  given the kitesurfing and biking options available near Malaga!

soledad valdes

Mª Soledad Valdés Leal

Agronomist with specialization in agrarian economy, regional planner and international consultant in the internationalization process of SMEs. Recently certificated as International consultant for Common Good Companies by the Asociación Federal Española para el Fomento de la Economía del Bien Común .

With a diploma in Solidarity Economy and Fair Trade. Has been participated as speaker in countless Seminars, Congress and workshops in Chile, Latin America and Europe about the Chilean experience in these matters.

Rafa Kemelmajer

Rafael Kemelmajer

Bachelor in Economics, Master in Digital Business Management (U.Barcelona). CEO in Quinto Impacto, company dedicated to the development of positive impact solutions with a technological component generated from integration ( quintoimpacto.net).

Consultant in Business Innovation for the common good. Coordinator in University Innovation Laboratory (Universidad Nacional de Cuyo)  Coordinator in Master of Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development, (Universidad Nacional de Cuyo).

Tatiana Glad

Tatiana Glad

Tatiana Glad is an entrepreneur, sustainability practitioner and change strategist working across sectors and cultures with a focus on impact entrepreneurship, urban innovation, sustainable business and the next generation.

She is co-founder and director of Impact Hub Amsterdam; director of the Board of the globalImpact Hub Association; co-founder of Waterlution; chair of the supervisory group of AIESEC International; and on the Board of Elos Foundation.

gustavo calero

Gustavo Calero

Graduate in Biological Sciences from the Complutense University of Madrid, with an MBA from EUDE Business School and 3 more master’s degrees in integrated water cycle management at different private schools and public universities, such as the EOI, UPCT and UGR, I have about 20 years linked to the environment sector and more specifically to the water sector, working most of them in companies of the Suez Group, as Head of Debugging first, Manager of several UTEs after, Operations Director and for 4 years as Director of Development Sustainable and Innovation.

From my current position, among other things I design and implement Sustainable Development and Innovation plans in our companies, with a clear focus on the Circular Economy and on the Fight against Climate Change, with a triple vision: Social, Environmental and Economic. As a result of all this, last summer I was invited by the Advanced Leadership Foundation to come as Leader to the First Spanish Summit on Circular Economy and Innovation held in Madrid, with Barak Obama, numerous Spanish and international politicians and several Nobel Prizes, among other participants.

Juan del Rio

Juan del Río

Educator and designer for ecosocial sustainability. Biologist, activist and network weaver. International facilitator of community transition processes, ecosocial innovation and systemic change. Co-founder and coordinator of Transition Spain (Red de Transición) and member of the Municipalities in Transition project.

He is the author of ” Guía del movimiento de Transición“, and director of the documentary project ” ALTER NATIVES: towards a sustainable future“. Since 2007 he focuses his work on promoting new models of sustainable living and local resilience. He currently lives in Cardedeu, Barcelona.

Teresa badui

Maria Teresa Badui

Graduated in Political Science and Public Administration from the National University of Cuyo, Master in Public Management and close to graduating in MBA.

Her career in the public sector and in international organizations such as the United Nations  Organization for Agriculture and Food (FAO), the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), the World Bank (WB), among others, has allowed him to intervene directly in the planning, formulation and management of public policies for the development of the most relevant sectors of that Province. All this is done with a strong gender perspective and vision since in turn it also exercises the Coordination of the Economic Development Center for Women Mendoza.

Another aspect to mention is her outstanding participation in the academic field, contributing to the training of future professionals by being a Full Professor of the “Financial  Administration” Chair, in the Faculty of Political and Social Science of the National University of Cuyo. She also directs the Center for Public Finance Studies for Sustainable Development, in the same House of Study, a space composed of teachers, graduates and students that promotes knowledge, critical analysis, development and research production in order to contribute to generate conditions of equality in pursuit of sustainable development.

marco antonio 2019

Marco Antonio Robledo Camacho

He defines himself as an agent of change that helps organizations and individuals in their integral development and transformation using integral theory as a model of reference. Its main area of ??study is the new organizational paradigms, specifically management models that seek to be more comprehensive, human and socially responsible.

He is an expert in alternative theories such as teal organizations, holacracia, sociocracy 3.0, conscious capitalism, B corps, etc. In this line, he is the creator of a pioneering integral management theory called D3D (3D Management) and the founder and leader of the D3D Club of Conscious Organizations, whose purpose is to move towards a new business model that overcomes the limitations of the business paradigm. conventional and prevailing.

Marina 2019

Marina Roa

Co-founder of SenseTribe Consulting, visual artist and psychologist specialized in education. Marina is an experienced illustrator and graphic facilitator passionate about encouraging wellbeing, sustainability and creativity in our everyday life. Marina has more than 10 years of experience in Spain and UK teaching and designing learning materials. Marina’s aim is to make visible new role models, cultivating a creative mind and increasing collective awareness on SDGs.


Mira Bangel

Co-founder of SenseTribe Consulting, team coach and specialist in participatory methods and effective collaboration. Mira is German/Iranian and has worked in international business for over 15 years across Europe, Latin America, Australia and China. Over the past 8 years she has helped to develop 3 international businesses, two of them with a participatory leadership model.

Mira is Sociocracy 3.0 trainer, SCRUM Master and non-violent communication certification candidate. She holds a MSc in Environmental Decision Making and will share with you hands-on experience of working towards the SDGs in a horizontal, multidisciplinary, ‘teal’ work environment.


Borja Izaola

Architect by the Polytechnic of Munich. 15 years of experience in Bioclimatic Architecture and Sustainable Urban Planning. Evaluator of European projects of DG Energy. Member of Area3 of ACE-CAE.eu. He has made PAES, Master Plans and various environmental consultancies to municipalities and  local or regional development entities. Master Coach with NLP and Applied Anthropology. Participates in Transition and Ecovillage Networks. Energy consultant in ecooo.


Almudena de la Peña

Computer Engineer from the Carlos III University of Madrid. Expert in Project Management Systems. 15 years of experience in high performance teams in the financial, technological, social, gender, environmental and new energy models. Ecologist’s, feminist’s and new economies’ activist. She coordinates entrepreneurs at the MAR of Energy and facilitates students’ activities of the EcoooLocal project in ecooo.

mario 2019

Mario Sánchez-Herrero

CEO at ecooo. Since 1999 professor of economics in the Faculty of Politics of the Complutense: Public  Treasury, Budgeting, Territorial Treasuries and fiscal integration and Political Economy. Since 1997, business advisor. In 2004 he founded NEI, the precursor of Ecooo. Member of the governing council of  the Social Market of Madrid, of Cooperativa Teatro del Barrio and of the Platform for a New Energy Model.

Geno 2019

Genoveva López

Degree in Psychology, Master in International Cooperation and in Economics for Transition at Schumacher College. She has worked for CEPES, IEPALA, CEAR and Chip-Chap Payment systems. She is currently researching blockchain technology and P2P Models, collaborating with El Salto Diario, the Mercado Social de Madrid and the Universidad de Economía del Teatro del Barrio, and working in the ecooo communication department.


Nacho Cardero

Current Director of El Confidencial. He has also been Chief Economist of La Clave Magazine and head of the El Mundo Real Estate section. Bachelor of Science in Information by the Complutense University of Madrid. He has written three books Los Señores del Ladrillo, Los PPijos and edited The Business of Freedom. He collaborates in TV and radio in Más de Uno, with Carlos Alsina in Onda Cero and Espejo Público, with Susanna Griso in Antena 3.


Fabian Wallace-Stephens

Fabian is a Researcher in the RSA’s Future Work Centre. He is particularly interested in self-employment, the gig-economy and the impacts of technology on jobs and has co-authored several recent RSA reports on these topics. He currently leads the Future Work Awards – a search for innovations from around the world that are emerging to address the challenges workers face in finding, creating and sustaining good work.


Pablo Farfán

Specialist in ecological architecture and heritage rehabilitation. From 2011 to 2014 he is coauthor and coordinator of the European Cross Border Cooperation Project Biourb research on traditional architecture with energy efficiency criteria. Currently have architecture office in Malaga where he is carrying out bioclimatic housing through bioconstruction and local materials.

Achim Steiner 2019

Achim Steiner

Achim Steiner became UNDP Administrator on 19 June 2017 and will serve for a term of four years. The United Nations General Assembly confirmed his nomination on 19 April 2017, following his nomination by Secretary-General António Guterres. Mr. Steiner is also the Vice-Chair of the UN Sustainable Development Group, which unites 40 entities of the UN system that work to support sustainable development.

Over nearly three decades, Achim Steiner has been a global leader on sustainable development, climate resilience and international cooperation. He has worked tirelessly to champion sustainability, economic growth and equality for the vulnerable, and has been a vocal advocate for the Sustainable Development Goals.


José Carlos Rodrigo

Work mainly with social entrepreneurs and with the institutions that promote this type of entrepreneurship, in the analysis of business models and their viability, as well as in the possibilities of financing. Bachelor of Economics and Business Administration from the University of Málaga. Since December 2016, I have started a new stage as an Independent Social Consultant for projects and social enterprises at a national and international level.


Ellen Oetelmans

Ellen Oetelmans is manager of Amsterdam Impact, the City of Amsterdam, department of Economic Affairs’ program to stimulate and foster impact entrepreneurship. She is an intrapreneur, co-creating with different partners in strengthening the ecosystem for impact. Ellen strongly believes that in order to solve societal challenges and maximize your impact as a city, you need to be ready to learn, co-create, and adopt an entrepreneurial mindset to shift a government’s role in achieving the common good.