Track 1.2 Good practice to be replicated: The bank of the commons

The Bank of the commons is a project of a new banking system worldwide with the following goals:

  • Payments systems without corporate intermediation, between all the cooperative and solidarity economy subjects.
  • To upgrade the ethical banking and alternative currencies movements with decentralized technologies.
  • To interconnect the ethical banking and the alternatives currencies movements, with practical applications that makes easy their Exchanges.
  • To provide advances ethical banking and payments possibilities to any place of Europe, and progressively the world.
  • To reelaborate the meaning of the money creation, solving the old cooperativist investments problem; and creating awareness about how money creation works and can be changed.

Some already existing tools and some in development are part of the plan of the bank including faircoin, fairpay, the freecoin complementary currencies toolkit amongst others.

See Faircoop presentation on 20 April at 13:15 Auditorium