Catalina Quiroz and Margaret Meredith

Catalina Quiroz and Margaret Meredith

York St. John University /Initiatives of Change UK

Track 4.2 Good practice to be replicated:
Embedding social and solidarity economy values and practices in curriculum (HEI, FE)

Universities need to review their ethos, purpose and curricula to offer a broad and in-depth understanding of the various ways people organize their economic life towards well-being. York St. John University,UK, led a three year Erasmus project for curriculum innovation with partners from Bolivia, Spain, Portugal and Peru, who studied and made visible the practices of the social/solidarity economy (SSE) as a people centred-economic system. A 240 page handbook was created collaboratively. We will show the key elements of the handbook, especially the pedagogical models that could be replicated in curriculum for higher education institutions, further education and non-formal training carried out by non-governmental organizations.

We will explain how the values of SSE are being practiced around the world: e.g. Argentina, Brazil, Cuba, Colombia, Kenya, Peru, Netherlands, Spain, South Africa, etc. and need to be studied by educational institutions. For this we will be taking some copies (also freely available on the project website) of practical cases of the countries mentioned above. We would like to network with those involved in education and practitioners in the SSE field to continue showcasing their work within our international platform.

See this presentation on 20 April at 13:15h Room 2