RIPESS EUROPE is one of the co-organisers of NESI Forum and we are totally convinced their contribution will enrich the whole event: they firmly believe solidarity is a key tool to build an economy and a society that are fairer, less predatory and more inclusive.

RIPESS is a network of 5 continental networks committed to the promotion of Social Solidarity Economy (SSE). The networks (RIPESS-LAC, RIPESS-EU, RIPESS-NA, RAESS and ASEC) gather themselves national networks and sectorial networks. They all believe in the importance of a globalization of the solidarity to build and strengthen an economy which is focused on meeting people’s needs and the planet’s safeguard. And so they work towards this goal. From Lima (1997) to Manila (2013), including Québec (2001), Dakar (2005) and Luxembourg (2009), RIPESS organises international meetings every four years to create a space for exchange of informations and collaboration.

RIPESS Europe is the European branch of the intercontinental RIPESS. It aims to promote the inter-cooperation between its members rather than an institutional representation. In fact, this European network is organized as a structure with no pyramidal decisions. Its action plan is built on working groups aimed at education, food sovereignty, mapping, public policies, social audit and rethinking work and enterprises.

« There are approximately 2 million SSE organisations in Europe, which employ over 11 million people.»

RIPESS joins as stakeholder of the social movements, helping convergences between the activists of solidarity and transition economies. Asked about the decision to become one of NESI Forum’s co-organisers, Josette Combes, Administrator of RIPESS Europe said : «NESI is an opportunity to converging between different organisms which are involved in contributing to new ways of thinking and practising economy in order to really implement a drastic worldwide change in social, economical, political structures to adress the challenges of the future.»

Thousands of experiences that identify with solidarity economy exist all over the world: self-managed producers’ cooperatives, solidarity markets, responsible consumption and food sovereignty, time banks, … Only in Europe, there are approximately two million SSE organisations which represent about 10% of all companies and employ over 11 million people (the equivalent of 6% of the working population of the EU). But there are more figures : worldwide, cooperatives provide jobs for 100 million people, and the global certified fair trade market amounted to 4.8 billion euros in 2012 (excluding Fair Trade USA sales) and involved some 1.3 million workers and farmers in 70 countries. 

All these projects are opening up new paths and want to overcome the logic the current political, economic and social model of organisation which is characterised by a desire to achieve profit, competition, individualism and violence against people. 

RIPESS Europe’s contribution is already enriching NESI Forum with its expertise and experience in promoting organizational approaches that support freedom, reciprocity, solidarity and egalitarian exchange. Are you going to miss it ?


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