Promoting localization globally for the benefit of people & planet

Local Futures is an international NGO dedicated to the renewal of community, the local economy and ecological health worldwide; the last though not least of NESI Forum’s co-organisers!

Local Futures is a pioneer of the new economy movement and the founder of the International Alliance for Localization (IAL) - a cross-cultural network dedicated to exploring radically new visions of development and progress and the promotion of localization globally.

The IAL builds on the social networks that Local Futures has developed over more than three decades of global-to-local work across the globe. Members include individuals, community groups, NGOs, local businesses, trade unions and more from 58 different countries.

The IAL is highly diverse, encompassing farmers, educators, environmental stewards, peace activists, health workers, business consultants, writers, engineers etc., and an equally broad range of groups working on issues spanning from social justice and sustainable farming to indigenous knowledge and strategic policy changes.

Local Futures/IAL shares localisation stories through our Planet Local web series, showcasing inspiring localization initiatives from around the world. We run monthly webinars hosted by Local Futures´ Director Helena Norberg-Hodge on key topics in the global to local debate, with guest presenters such as Bill McKibben, Michael Shuman, Charles Eisenstein, Bayo Akomolafe, Manish Jain, Camila Moreno, Christian Felber, Richard Heinberg and others. We have developed a wide range of education for action tools, including a DIY Economics of Happiness workshop and toolkit and run regular online tutorials for activists and others that want to kick-start debate about the global economy and explore strategic alternatives. Local Futures´ series of international Economics of Happiness Conferences has put the new economy firmly on the agenda in many countries, contributing simultaneously to the development of the IAL, as well as many other initiatives, such as a network of 35 mayors for localization in South Korea.

Across the world, people are realizing that today’s crises are closely linked to a global economy dependent on rampant consumerism, financial speculation and so called free trade.  More and more are also seeing a need to go in the opposite direction.

Localization does not mean eliminating international trade, or reducing all economic activity to a village level. It’s about shortening the links between producers and consumers and shifting the power from transnational corporations to nation states, while simultaneously building up regional self-reliance.

Local economies rebuild our connections to one another and to the natural world – connections that are essential not only for our wellbeing, but for our survival.

“A new economy is urgently needed and the time is ripe. We are therefore pleased to collaborate with NESI to bring together a broad coalition of networks, businesses, local governments to formulate a global manifesto for a new economy.”

Make sure you take your chance to meet Local Futures in Málaga this month. There are still some tickets left! 


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