Press conference call: Friday, September 16th, at 12pm, at Malaga’s town hall (Spain)

Malaga in Spain hosts the First Global Forum on New Economy and Social Innovation. The event aims to become the “DAVOS” for the New Economy

For the first time a world meeting is held in order to lay the foundations for a new economy.

Never before we have faced so many problems that threaten the future of mankind and the planet. Climate change and environmental degradation do not support further delay. Inequality increases: 795 million people go hungry, while 1% of world population accounts for half the wealth.

Democracy is in crisis and citizens are increasingly aware that political decisions are conditioned by financial markets and multinational systems that decide their way of life and their future.

More than 400 people and organizations around the world will participate for the first time on the same stage, putting on the table ideas and proposals that are transforming the current economy into a new economic paradigm focused on the common good.

  • What are the objectives of this first Global Forum?
  • What internationally renowned figures will participate in the meeting?
  • When will it be held?
  • What are the real and effective alternatives to the current model of economic growth?
  • What will be the roadmap to follow after the Forum?

These issues will be cleared at this meeting to which are invited to attend media and representatives of local organizations.

The press conference will be recorded and made available on this website.


Day: Friday, September 16th

Hour: 12pm

Place: Salón de los espejos at Malaga Town Hall, Av. Cervantes, 4. Malaga, Spain.


  • Francisco de la Torre, Mayor of Malaga City.
  • Elías Bendodo, president of Malaga City Council.
  • Diego Isabel La Moneda, director of Global Hub for the Common Good.


Silvia Montoya
[email protected]
C.:  +34 626 201 897

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