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NESI Global Forum 2019
Málaga 24-26 April

In this edition participants will explore how to achieve our common global objectives (Sustainable Development Goals and climate change goals) from a local perspective and through social innovation.

The food we eat, how we get around, how money circulates, the way we work – all of these and more are part of the economic system. We all have a role to play in transforming the economy so that it delivers shared wellbeing on a healthy planet.

NESI forum is considered the ‘Davos’ of the new economy as it is the most relevant event worldwide to gather all the people and organizations involved in the development of the new economy that focus on people and planet.

Facing our global challenges through local action


NESI Global Forum 2019 will focus on how to achieve our global goals – Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations and the Climate Change Agenda – through local action.
The Forum will be set in the year 2030 to create a special atmosphere. Participants will be invited to DISCOVER solutions that already exist in different key sectors (food, housing-urban, sustainable fashion,energy, work and finance)  during the Pre-Forum (Feb.-Mar.). During the NESI Forum (24-26 April) they will DREAM the perfect City 2030 and will DESIGN how to move from today to that vision through collaborative action for each key sector. Finally, there will be a Call to Action so we will start to DO the change both during the Forum and the Post-Forum phase.

Dream and Design


09.30-11.00  Registration

11.00-11:30   Opening Session

11.30-11.35   Walking towards 2030″

11:30-11:50   A story of hope”

11:50-12:20   Introducing NESI Tracks

12.20-13.00  Alliances, Women Empowerment and Conscious Consumption

13.00-14.00  “DREAM” session

14.00-14.45  Lunch & Networking

14:45-15:30  Which is the role of media in the new economy?


15.30-17.30   “DESIGN” Session I

full program of the day



9.15-11.00  Panel: “Catalysing the transition towards a wellbeing economy”

11.00-11.30  Break & Networking

11.30-13.00  “DESIGN” Session II

13.30-14.30  Lunch & Networking


14.30-15.15  Connecting Local Hubs

15.15-17.15   “DESIGN” Session III

17.15-18.30  Networking

full program of the day



9.30-10.30  The Journey”

10.30-11.10  DO!” Call to Action

11.00-11.30  Break & Networking

11.30-13.00  Fishbowl


13.00-22.00  Let’s celebrate the change! NESI opens up doors to citizens with speakers, activities and live music at fiiS2019


full program of the day

Co-creating a wellbeing economy through social innovation

Speakers and Contributors

These leaders are already lined up to contribute to NESI Global Forum 2019 – and many more will follow! Watch this page for ongoing updates on speakers and panellists.

Rajiv Joshi
Managing Director B Team
Carlos Trias
Carlos Trias
European Economic and Social Committee
Andrea Somma-Trejos
Founder OMINA Foundation
Pedro Tarak
Sistema B
Ellen Oetelmans
City of Amsterdam
Sacha 2019
Sacha Bernal Coates
Founder & Strategic Designer of Kimiya Tactics SL
Amaya Apestegia
Amaya Apesteguía
Organisation of Consumers (OCU)
Marcos Eguiguren
CEO Global Alliance for Banking on Values
Peter Holbrook
CEO Social Enterprise UK
Nicola Cerantola
Nicola Cerantola
Founder and Director of Ecologing
Ana Huertas
Coordinator of Red de Transición and Vice-President of ECOLISE
IMG_6705-low (2)
Lars Fogh Mortensen
European Environment Agency (EEA)
Jonathan Schieffers
Jonathan Schifferes
Area Manager Greater London Authority
Donnie Maclurcan
Executive Director Post Growth Institute
Susana Martin Belmonte
Economist researcher and activist
Melanie trocoli 2019
Melanie Trocoli
Founder of Veganized
Carol Blázquez 2019
Carol Blázquez
Head of Innovation & Sustainability and Director Ecoalf Foundation
Alex Mejia 2019
Alex Mejía
Director Division for People and Social Inclusion UNITAR
Benoit 2019
Benoît Lallemand
Secretary General Finance Watch
Tomas de Lara
Tomás de Lara
Co-leader of Ciudades+B / Cities CAN B
Ana Gomez 2019
Ana Gómez
Network Wellbeing Lead 
Jacob Assa 2019
Jacob Assa
Policy Specialist, Human Development Report Office (HDRO/UNDP)
Shonan Kothari 2019
Shonan Kothari
Finance Watch
Daniel Truran 2019
Daniel Truran
B Corp Ambassador – B Lab Europe 
Marijana 2019
Marijana Donati
“Reincarnated macroeconomist” – CEO of a LED company
Daniel Hires 2019
Daniel Hires
Social Entrepreneur
Johnny Azpilicueta 2019
Johnny Azpilicueta
Head of Economy – Iberian Ecovillage Network
Iñaqui Alonso 2019
Iñaki Alonso
Founder Satt Arquitectos
maria 2019
María Lorente
Leadership and Change Consultant & Action Learning Practitioner – New Worlds Group
Ehab Elia
Ouishare Connector & Entrepreneur
Captura de pantalla 2019-03-07 a las 20.08.56
Albert Cañigueral
Connector Ouishare for Spain
Mikel Feijoo
Mikel Feijoo Elzo
Founder Skfk
soledad valdes
Mª Soledad Valdés Leal
Ivan del caz 2019
lvan del Caz de Diego
Coordinator NESI HUBs
Rafa Kemelmajer
Rafael Kemelmajer
CEO Quinto Impacto
Michael Weatherhead
Development and Practice lead – WEAll
Tatiana Glad
Tatiana Glad
Co-founder and director Impact Hub Amsterdam
luca coscieme 2019
Luca Coscieme
School of Natural Sciences – Trinity College Dublin
Javier Goikoetxea 2019
Javier Goikoetxea
Coordinator NESI HUBs
gustavo calero
Gustavo Calero
Director of Sustainable Development and Innovation of Hidralia
Teresa badui
Maria Teresa Badui
Provincia de Mendoza
Juan del Rio
Juan del Río
Educator and designer for ecosocial sustainability
marco antonio 2019
Marco Antonio Robledo Camacho
Professor of Business Management and director of the MBA
Marina 2019
Marina Roa
Visual artist and educational psychologist
Mira Bangel
Process Facilitation & Sociocracy 3.0
Almudena de la Peña
Coordinates entrepreneurs & activities of the EcoooLocal
Borja Izaola
Energy consultant in ecooo
mario 2019
Mario Sánchez-Herrero
CEO at ecoo
Geno 2019
Genoveva López
Ecooo communication department
Nacho Cardero
Director of El Confidencial
Fabian Wallace-Stephens
Researcher in the RSA’s Future Work Centre
Pablo Farfán
Architect Director of Farfán Estudio
Achim Steiner 2019
Achim Steiner
UNDP Administrator
José Carlos Rodrigo
Habitat Colaborativo

Change the economy to change the world

Sustainable travel is an emotional purchase

Travel advice

As a top touristic city, Málaga gives you  plenty of options:

Málaga (Spain)

Málaga is one of the most vibrant cities in the world, where social innovators, culture, technology and nature come together to create a perfect ecosystem for a wellbeing economy

The venue

The Conference Centre is situated 9km from Málaga Airport and is accessible by the Autovía del Mediterraneo (A7), by train and by bus 4 or 22 from the city centre.

Getting there

NESI Global Forum 2019 will take place at Palacio de Congresos in Malaga, Spain.
Address: Avenida Ortega y Gasset, 201.29006 Málaga.
Tel: 952 045 500

Where to stay

If you want to get more information about Málaga, check the tourism office official website. Looking for a place to stay?  Besides booking platforms here you have some options with 10% off:
Ilunion Hotels Málaga 
Hotel Campanile Malaga Airport (Send bill to subject Participant NESI Forum)
Hotel Romerito

NESI Global Forum 2019: Media

If you have a media enquiry or are interested in being a NESI Media Partner, contact:

Valle Molina
 NESI Forum Communications Coordinator

Contributors & local co-organisers

NESI Global Forum 2019 is possible thanks to the support of these local co-organisers.

NESI Global Forum is co-organised together with Ayuntamiento de Málaga, Diputación de Málaga and University of Málaga and in collaboration with the Wellbeing Economy Alliance. NESI 2019 will bring the global movement for economic system change together in Malaga to co-create the wellbeing economy that we all need.




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