Different events already taking place in Madrid, London, Barcelona, Brussels and Rio de Janeiro will conclude in a World Forum in Málaga in April 2017, where more than 400 experts will be participating.

The New Economy and Social Innovation Global Forum (NESI) is now born

Its main objective is to design a roadmap established by experts and citizens around the world to guide governments towards a more sustainable society.

On Friday 16th September, the New Economy and Social Innovation Global Forum has been officially presented. This world forum is open and permanent and has one main objective of creating a roadmap by experts around the world to guide governments towards a new type of economy. “Never up to now have we been faced by so many problems that are putting in danger the future for human beings, and the planets. We cannot keep turning out heads away from the destructive consequences of the economic growth.” Diego Isabel De la Moneda stated today in the event’s presentation.

From 16th Sept. 2016 until 19th April 2017 the Global Forum will organize different events in Madrid, Barcelona, Brussels, London and Rio de Janeiro to put on the table ideas and proposals that are already transforming the actual economy in a new economic paradigm focused on the Common Good.

NESI Global Forum places Spain in the New Economy’s world epicenter

All the events will conclude in a great world forum that will take place in Malaga from 19th to 22nd of April 2017. More than 400 people and organizations from all over the world will actively participate in a common objective of creating strategies and common plans that will promote the consecution of the Sustainable Development Objectives and the Paris Climate Change Objectives. “The environmental damage does not allow us any more delays. The inequality is getting bigger and citizens are even more conscious that political decision conditioned by markets and financial systems they did not choose. It is the time to change and there are realistic proposals that can already be started and implemented” Diego says.

Main participants at NESI

Among the experts that have already confirmed assistance to the event in April, we highlight Gunter Pauli, President of ZERI Foundation (Zero Emission Research and Initiative) and creator of the Blue Economy, a concept launched in his book “The Blue Economy” translated to 30 languages; Christian Felber, founder of the Common Good International movement; Marcos Eguiguren, General Director of the Global Alliance Banking on values, international network with more than 40 banks based on ethical values; Helena Norberg-Hodge, founder of International Alliance for Localization (IAL) and producer of the documentary “The Economy of Happiness”; experts in money and financial areas like Fran Boait, Director of the British organization “Positive Money” that defends a democratic monetary system and counts with more than 30,000 followers.

NESI is supported by the Global Hub for the Common Good Foundation a Think Tank with international experts – created in 2015- with the vision of boosting a new social, economic and political models geared towards a common good.

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