NESI would not be possible without the support of a great number of partner organisations that share our values and our goal to contribute towards a more social, sustainable and values-based economy, and we would love you to meet them! On this post, we introduce you to OuiShare.

OuiShare is the think-and-do tank for the collaborative economy. It experiments with social models based on collaboration, openness and fairness, and believes these values can solve many of the complex challenges the world faces.

The collaborative economy is a diverse phenomenon which gathers lots of initiatives and projects, from collaborative consumption and crowdfunding to open source, open knowledge and horizontal governance. They all offer unique opportunities for citizens to empower ourselves and redefine how we work, how we interact with companies and governments, and how we live and socialise.

“Collaborative economy can offer a perspective on how technology (platforms, blockchain, digital manufacturing tools, etc.) works as a lever to increase reach and impact of a given idea”, explains Albert Cañigueral, OuiShare Connector for Spain and Latin America. “There is also the vision of doing more with less resources by its efficient use and allocation. The critical issue is then how this ‘new power’ can be oriented for the common good and not just to exacerbate inequality.”

OuiShare’s mission is to build and nurture a collaborative society by connecting people, organizations and ideas around fairness, openness and trust.

OuiShare connects people and accelerates projects for systemic change. This global network organises events, such as OuiShare Fest (Paris and Barcelona) and ColaborAmerica (Rio de Janeiro) and runs innovation camps, like POC21, OuiShare Fest Forward and Eco2Fest. But it also produces knowledge and research, and curate a global network of experts on different topics in knowledge groups. Its main goal is to enable everyone to access the resources and opportunities they need to thrive.

Despite being young -it was founded in January 2012 in Paris-, OuiShare has rapidly evolved from a handful of enthusiasts to a global community spread across Europe, North and Latin America and the Middle East, with main hubs in Paris, Barcelona, London, Munich, Montreal and Rio de Janeiro.

So why did it join NESI Forum? Albert explains it: “When OuiShare Community was consulted about joining NESI Forum everybody showed a lot of excitement and interest. Breaking silos and linking with other movements is part of our DNA. ”

Promising, don’t you think?

To find out more & connect with OuiShare:

F: /ouishare

T: @ouishare

Do you want to meet key figures and representatives of the collaborative economy movement from all over the world? Make sure you join us NESI Forum on 19-22 April, 2017. See you in Málaga!


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