Professional MEDIA PARTNERS wanted

Why become a MEDIA PARTNER

Your brand will stand out as one that supports a global social movement towards a new economy based on values and well-being of people.

NESIFORUM is an excellent showcase for all stakeholders and medias related or interested in the New Economy topics.

The Media Partner collaborates with the organization of the event through a good-good-good exchange relationship: Media Partner gets a great view, improving its image at the same time as the event gets impact on society.

If you are a journalist representing a generalist or specialized media, you can be a MEDIA PARTNER of NESIFORUM2017. These are the specials advantages!

  • Press accreditation for 2 people
  • Full access to the 4-day-event
  • Stand in the rest zone during conferences
  • Thank-you note in RRSS and newsletters
  • Your logo on posters, program & website
  • Promotional material in our tote bag
  • Promotional brand video during conferences
  • Direct contact with all key notes
  • Possibility of moderating a session or workshop

Moderating multitudinous Webinars is a unique opportunity to meet current exclusive views expressed by reference speakers .

Remember that the more you contribute, the more benefit you get, contact us so we can start this beautiful friendship!
  • Disseminate info about NESI on your website and social media:
    promotional banner and video,
    focused article or personal interview,
    embed Manifesto for a New Economy Survey.
    Post on your recommended events agenda.
    Engage and follow all NESI social activity.
  • Disseminate info about NESI on your print media:
    Sponsor a print ad.
    Monograph on the event and thematic.
    Submit news, articles or interview.
  • Disseminate info about NESI on your Radio or TV media:
    Sponsor radio commercial or advertisement.
    Live interviews.
    Live broadcast program from the venue.
  • Sponsor the event streaming to broadcast live sessions

In addition to these, we are open to any collaboration proposal that best suit your type of media.