We give you the programme; you make the choices

After several months of hard work, NESI Forum’s schedule is ready. Over 60 speakers and thought-leaders will join us in Malaga to share their knowledge and experience. There will be keynotes, panels, workshops, dialogues for change and a lot of networking! Are you coming?

We would lie if we said creating NESI Forum’s programme has been an easy task. It is not that we have not enjoyed it - quite the opposite, it has been an amazing experience! - but it has been difficult to fit all proposals and ideas into a 4-day schedule. We hope we have not left anything important out and you like our final proposal, though.

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These are some of the highlights of NESI Forum 2017:

4 tracks

NESI is covering a wide range of topics divided into 4 KEY areas that we trust will make programme easy to navigate for our attendees:

Track 1) “Rethinking Money: the future of finance”, covering topics such as money creation and how to reshape banking and finance.
Track 2) “The Organisations of the Future”, with discussions about social purpose, conscious consumption and networking for the common good.
Track 3) “Globalisation vs localisation”, to reflect on the future of cities, food and energy sovereignty.
Track 4) “Learning and training for a new economy”, which will deal with topics such as how to reshape education and the role of media in the new economy.


These are 15-minute slots where some of the most representative speakers and thought-leaders of the new economy movements from all over the world will share their ideas and proposals on how to build an economic system that is fairer and focusses on people’s wellbeing.

We will have the great honour to meet Brett Scott, a journalist and the author of The Heretic’s Guide to Global Finance: Hacking the Future of Money (2013), and James Vaccaro, from Triodos Bank. That will be on 19th April. After that, from on 20th and 21st, we will also have on stage Gunter Pauli, creator of the concept of Blue Economy, Tessa Wernink, cofounder of Fairphone, Peter Holbrook, from Social Enterprise UK, and Christian Felber, creator of the Economy for the Common Good.

Dialogues for change

Along with the keynotes, we have designed sessions that aim to encourage debate and are full of thought-provoking questions. Instead of traditional panels, we have created dialogues for change that allow the conversation to flow. Within these sessions, speakers will deal with topics such as globalisation & localisation in communities, the role and purpose of money and collaboration as key aspect of the new economy. These panel discussions will have one moderator and 3-4 experts from different sectors. Each expert talks 10-12 minutes and then debate “TV-show style”.

Open Spaces & Working sessions

In addition to that, there will be working sessions dealing with food sovereignty, community energy and wellbeing and happiness as policy tools and drivers of the economy facilitated by a team of experts facilitators through “Open Space” methodology.  Participants will be free to move and attend different simultaneous working sessions. The goal of the working sessions is to identify common goals and specific actions to develop together.

These sessions contribute to our wider goal of creating a road map with practical ideas for governments, organisations and people to build a values-based economy. After all, we don’t want to just encourage discussions but also to create solid links of cooperation amongst citizens and public and private institutions as well as coming up with plans and strategies for them to implement for a better future.

Our call for proposals

From the beginning we wanted NESI to be a collaborative event. It has been so in the way we have built the team, worked with our partners and designed our programme –we have even co-created a Manifesto for a New Economy that we will launch on 19th April!

With regard to the programme itself, we launched a call for proposals back in November. In 40 days, we received over 50 applications from lots of different countries. There were so many good ideas that we could have filled a whole-week programme.

Although we have not been able to include all of them on our programme, attendees will still have the opportunity to find out more about projects such as the bank of the commons or Transition Towns, as well as sharing good practices from the media, the fashion or the energy industry, and getting inspired.

New Economy gets local

Last but not least on our programme you can find our invite to meet and connect with local projects. Fair with stands in the city centre and different activities to interact with other participants as well as with local people to be happened on Saturday 22nd. April at the Center of Contemporary Art of Malaga (CAC).

On 22th April, we will also have the première of the documentary “América Latina en Movimiento”, produced by De America Soy. Trailer available on here


At NESI, we have tried to create a programme with which any of you can feel comfortable. We know there is a quite a lot of content, so we recommend that you take it easy. The programme is designed to be totally flexible so feel free to mix & match, and, above all, book some time to just relax and enjoy networking and meeting other participants.

It is time to create a new narrative and to set up the principles of a new economy and we can only do it together.

See you in Málaga in a few weeks!

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