Organizations (or not) of the society in the future

February 15, 2017 @ 9:30 pm – 11:00 pm Europe/Madrid Timezone
Auditorio de Reale Seguros
Calle del Príncipe de Vergara
125, 28002 Madrid

On Wednesday 15 February will be the breakfast conference “Organizations (or not) of the society in the future“, in the context of NESI Forum ( @nesiforum ), organized by Reale Seguros ( @reale_seguros ) in collaboration with the Business and Society Foundation ( @amigosEyS ).

People are transforming society. A society of contrasts, in which we live new paradigms such as citizen-producer cooperatives platforms, shared ownership or replacing the need for owning objects by having access to products and services.

Changes that generate many questions. How do we organize a society to coexist both technological and aged ? ¿Individualistic and collaborative? ¿Analog and Digital? ¿ Disruptive and traditional ? ¿Robotics and human? ¿Mitómana and iconoclastic? With and without work? ¿ How will work in the future ? What new roles played citizenship if it can be both owner and producer-consumer? What is the role of government and businesses to these transformation processes? ¿ In what part of the ecosystem people lie ?

Moderated by Francisco Abad ( @FranciscoAbadJ ), Founder of Business and Society , improbable connections? , Shall include :

The conversation can be followed through the hagstag #NESIsociedad .

This breakfast conference is the third of the four Reale Seguros is hosting these months, articulated around the important role of media when transmitting changes and innovations that occur in society.

Developed in the context of NESI Forum , the Global Forum on New Economy and Social Innovation , which brings together leading experts, actors change and international opinion leaders to think, discuss and collaborate around questions how are you:

  • Do media what they are and how they affect emerging economies know?
  • Do you report about new economic movements and contrast with existing models?
  • How to make news are innovative economic initiatives in more traditional media?

The meetings will generate a document that will be discussed and enriched in the event taking place in Malaga from 19 to 22 April 2017 around the New Economic Movements. It will be divided into four areas:

  • Rethinking the money: The future of banking and finance
  • Reformulate organizations for the Common Good
  • Globalization and Localization: Food, Energy, Commerce and Cities
  • Education and Learning for a New Economy