Biocultura Madrid 2016

November 12, 2016 @ 10:30 am – 2:00 pm Europe/Madrid Timezone
Feria de Madrid - IFEMA, pabellón 9. Sala N110.
Av. Partenón
5, 28042 Madrid
Biocultura Madrid 2016

The Global Hub for the Common Good and Ecohabitar Institute will present the conference “New economic models to change the world” during Biocultura Madrid 2016, the most important fair of organic products and responsible consumption in Spain.



To lead a healthy life you need to enjoy a healthy economy. Similarly, for a healthy economy, as citizens and consumers we must lead a healthy life.

The food we eat, the clothes we wear, the type and amount of energy we consume, our relationship with money and our way of being at work, define us as people and directly have an effect our economic model.

With this conference-meeting “New economic models to change the world” you will learn how to bring consumption habits to help transform positively our life, the lives of people around us and both local and global economy.


10:30 AM. Presentation of NESI “New Economy, Society and Innovation”, Diego Isabel, Director of Global Hub for the Common Good, the EcoHabitar Institute Iñaki Alonso, Luis Madrid, Member of NESI Madrid.

11:00 AM. Food sovereignty: “We are what we eat” conference “New economic models to change the world” Andrea Deodato, “Towards another Consumption” and Jordi Menendez Puiggalí “Food VSF Global Justice”.

11:30 AM. Do you know who makes your clothes? social and ecological footprint of the clothes we wear. Paloma G. Lopez, President of the Sustainable Fashion Association of Madrid. CEO founder “The Circular Project”.

12:00. Consumerist paradigm shift in the center of the new economy. Mario Sanchez Herrera. Codirector of Ecooo

12:30 PM. You like your job? New ways of working and enjoy the work. Francisco Abad. Founder of the Business and Society Foundation.

13:00 PM. How do you get the money? How to improve our relationship with money and how to use it properly. Carlos San Juan. Member of the economy for the common good and Fiare.

13:30 PM. Triple Bottom Line. “A new economic model to change the world”. Virginia Association Sannas.

14:00 PM. Final discussion and conclusions of the seminar “New economic models to change the world”

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