“Alone we can do so little; together we can do much” Hellen Keller

What is a Co-organizer?

New Economy & Social Innovation Forum (NESI) is, by definition, an inclusive and global forum. Therefore, it is absolutely essential to work closely with the largest number of organizations, businesses and new economic movements to make the NESI a common forum with high impact and scope.

If you are a public institution, NGO, organization, business, social group or network do not miss the opportunity to participate in the organization of NESI, and make this unique event a forum for everyone.

Why being a Co-organizer?

How to become a co-organiser?

Your organization is invited to contribute according to your expertise and resources with some of the following key activities:

You can contribute to get sponsors aligned with the values of a sustainable and people-oriented new economy.

Contribute to the co-creation of the Manifesto for a New Economy sharing the questionnaire with your members and networks and send the answers that will be used to co-create the Manifesto.

Contribute to communicate NESI through several ways:

Presentations: Organizing local/regional presentations of NESI.
Press Conferences: Organizing local/regional press conferences of NESI.
Press Releases: Sending press releases to their media network.
Website: Link on your website to NESI website
Social Media: Promoting NESI through your social media networks.
Newsletter: Promoting NESI news through your Newsletter.
Events: Promoting NESI in your events.
Posts/Articles: Contributing with content such as posts and articles about NESI and New
Creative ideas: Any other creative idea to promote NESI and the new economy.

Remember that the main advantage is to be part of this unique and pioneering Global Forum “New Economy & Social Innovation” and participate actively in the development of the first co-created “Manifesto for a New Economy”. Get on board!