Do you imagine listening both an american indigenous and a Blockchain developer at the same event?

This has been possible in Colaboramerica, the collaborative economy festival celebrated in Río de Janeiro. Manuela Yamada and Tomás de Lara, co-chairs of the event explain that, despite the difficult economic and political situation of Brasil, “the first edition of Colaboramerica is a reality thanks to its collaborative essence and the efforts of more that 110 people”. In this way, more than 4000 people coming from different Latin American countries have participated in the first edition of Colaboramerica. Besides more than 50 american speakers, several Spanish speakers such as  Albert Cañigueral - Ouishare -, Javier Creus - Ideas for Change - and Diego Isabel - Global Hub for the Common Good and Director of the Global Forum NESI - have built bridges between the American an European continents.

“From Tradition to Transition” Connecting human values and the new economy

Under the framework of the “From Tradition to Transition” slogan, in Colaboramerica speakers talked about collaboration as a basic value of the new economy in opposition to competition, the main value of the capitalist system. Technology for the common good, decentralization of economic power, the future of work and citizens empowerment have been some of the topics discussed in this forum that has brought together social entrepreneurs, academics, business people, activists and policy-makers.

Participants had the opportunity to listen and learn the collaborative fundaments that support the customs of indigenous communities and how these values can be applied to the new economy. They have also learnt about Blockchain and the opportunities that this disruptive technology brings to the economy and the society. Matan Field, a Blockchain expert, argued that this technology “represents the second Internet revolution”.  It is based on descentralisation of power and it make possible to validate any digital transaction between people without intermediaries. In this way, as Alexandre Von founder of Ethereum, argued that “in a few years Blockchain will transform sectors such as finances or insurances” and it will also eliminate burocracy and administrative tasks related to public registers.

Besides listening talks and panel discussions, participants lived the magic of collaboration through activities such as collaborative yoga, biodance or Dragon Dreaming.

What will happen now?

Colaboramerica is one of the interconnected international events under the framework of the Global Forum NESI “New Economy and Social Innovation”. Conclusions of the event will be used as inputs for the discussion to be held in the central NESI Forum in Málaga between 19-22 April 2017. NESI organisers are collecting the outputs of events such as OuishareFest, Colaboramerica or FiiS (“International Festival of Social Innovation”) to build the NESI programme. Moreover, NESI has just launched a “Call for Proposals” to invite social entrepreneurs, businesses, NGOs, cities and social movements to share their good practices in terms of new economy.


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