BUT, how are we going to create this new narrative?

Our proposal is to co-create a “Manifesto for a New Economy”. In order to do that, we propose the next methodological process:

Phase I:

  1. Gathering feedback from NEMs, organisations and people worldwide about what
    the goal, values and narrative of the new economy should be. We will use an “Open
    Questionnaire” and we will organise workshops, events, social media campaigns
    and other collaborative actions. (May 2016 - September 2016)
  2. All the inputs will be analysed through quantitative and qualitative methods. With all
    that information, it will be designed a check-list style questionnaire (September-
    December 2016 )
  3. Writing a draft of the Manifesto in a collaborative way (January 2017)!
  4. Reviewing the draft with different stakeholders and writing the final Manifesto
    (February-March 2017)
  5. Launching the Manifesto in the international event “Global Forum New Economy
    and Social Innovation” with key international leaders of the new economy (April
    2017).Phase II:


  6. Gathering signatures and support worldwide for the Manifesto.

Who can participate?

Any individual or organisation is invited to contribute to the co-creation of the “Manifesto
for a New Economy”.

How can you participate?

You and your organisation are invited to participate / contribute in several ways:

  • Participating in the “team of experts of new economy” that will monitory the
    process and will write the final Manifesto.
  • Organising workshops and events to gather information (see last section:


If you are interested in participating, please contact us through:
Carol Oficialdegui: [email protected]

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