The first NESI presentation tour, which began last September in London, Madrid, Barcelona, Tenerife, Cordoba and Vitoria, ends this November in Rio de Janeiro and Montevideo. More than 6000 people have attended the ten presentations of the event that have been made from September to November 2016.

SPAIN, 25th November, 2016. Without delay, we must undertake joint actions to move towards a viable, more equitable and responsible economic model if we are to prevent despair, extremism, intolerance and xenophobia from gaining ground. A model that gives a valid answer to the great challenges to be faced in the next decade: overpopulation, inequalities, climate change, unemployment, migrations …

With this resounding message, some social movements, associations and world economic leaders appeal to citizens and different public and private actors to address an economic transformation that focuses on achieving the common good of people.

For the first time in history, the main economic movements proposing a real alternative to the current economic system come together in one place: the Global Forum on New Economy and Social Innovation (NESI), Málaga, Spain, April 19-22, 2017 with the aim of co-creating a common narrative towards a New Economy focused on people that will serve as a roadmap for governments and companies.

More than a dozen recognized international organizations such as Positive Money, RIPESS, System B, BLab Europe, Global Alliance for Banking on Values, Social Enterprise World Forum, Economy for the Common Good, OuiShare, Transition Networking, New Economics Foundation, International Union for Conservation of Nature, Initiatives Of Change, International Alliance for Localization … among others, have already joined the debate.

This month, NESI has been presented also in Latin America, within the framework of two global reference events: ColaborAmerica (17-19 November) held in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) and the International Festival of Social Innovation (Fiis, 25th November 2017), for the first time this year, based in Montevideo (Uruguay).

The next stops, Brussels and Rome in 2017, predict that the debate on social innovation and new economy will be even broader.

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