Maé Durant Vidal & Elisa de los Reyes García López

Maé Durant Vidal & Elisa de los Reyes García López

Pez Estudio

Track 3 . 2 Good practice to be replicated: Agronautas – Learning Communities towards Self-Sufficient Cities

AGRONAUTAS is a multidisciplinary project that researches on processes, designs and proposals that reformulate relationships between people and natural environment. Agronautas project has been related to food sovereignty, new sustainable paradigms research and reconciliation between natural and urban environment spaces. It focuses now on sustainability on city inhabitance resource management impact.

Urban environment is experiencing big changes and should be rethought. The city of the future should -among other musts- reformulate its impact on the planet.

AGRONAUTAS is a long-term action-research project that reformulates the relationship between people and natural environment through different means and actions. One of the aims of the project is the BIOTIC REGENERATION of URBAN SPACE that, through people cooperation, reformulates connections between urban and rural environments and the natural capital they share.
It is developed through: [CITIZENS PARTICIPATION] reinforcing existing citizen networks related to ecological and self-management practices, [ECOLOGICAL URBAN INFRASTRUCTURES] free-source based that minimize and monitor energy and resources consumption in order to raise public awareness about these facts and integrate biodiversity in cities, they are made of natural materials, [SELF-MANAGEMENT and SELF-SUFFICIENT PRACTICES TRANSFERENCE] urban infrastructures are linked to new practices and knowledge that is transferred to all their users through activities.

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