Elena Rodríguez Benito

Elena Rodríguez Benito

Elena Rodríguez Benito

Universidad Pontificia de Salamanca

Track 2 . 1 Collaborative Challenge: Deconstructing marketing: How should we approach marketing in the new economy?

The goal of this collective challenge is to define how do we feel marketing should help the new economy. When we try to redefine the business practices, we find it often difficult to sale our products or services. Marketing is seen as key part of the consumerist society, but its basic principles and techniques can be used by new economy corporations, in order to be sustainable and make a difference.

The proposed challenge is presented as a focus group and it will have 3 parts:

  1. define our feelings about current marketing practices and vocabulary
  2. share good marketing practices
  3. create the basis for a marketing we feel comfortable with.

The activity will be more valuable if we can put together consumers, people with their own business, thinkers.

See this presentation on the 20th April at 18:45 Room 3