Dražen Šimleša

Dražen Šimleša

Dražen Šimleša

Institute of Social Science Ivo Pilar / Platform for Good Economy

Track 2 . 2 Good practice to be replicated: Social and solidarity economy in Croatia – actors and practice

In Croatia the concept of new/solidarity/social…more fair and sustainable economy was labeled as good economy. Today there are 112 actors that can be real case stories for good economy and we got this number and data through research project iPRESENT.

We have done 19 focus groups with most dedicated actors in the field and 21 interviews with decision makers/supporters. These kind of project are easy to replicate.

Some of the actors within this base are working together and collaborate through Platform for Good Economy (14 organisations – social cooperatives, cooperative for ethical bank, workers union, association of cities, LAG network, social economy associations, sustainable and permaculture groups…) which promote concept on national level and support local community practice and projects on the ground. There will be presented best practice examples from the Platform and many of them are inside yearly report Good Economy in Good Stories.

Main event is a three day Conference on Good Economy that is happening at the beginning of Spring every year. It became central point for gathering of all social and solidarity economy actors in Croatia and region and a place for information, education and new partnership/cooperation.

See this presentation on the 20th April at 19:00 Room 6