Working session 3.2. : Food sovereignty and healthy life

Food is life yet hunger and famine still plagues many part of this planet. Moreover, millions of tons of food are wasted everyday and junk food and the use of chemicals are the cause of many of the main health problems of human beings. Climate change is also affecting the future of our food production and supplies chains ,in ways, never considered before. These are important considerations for the health of people and our planet’s ability to sustain itself.

Participants and experts will interact to answer key questions such as:

Is it possible to produce abundant and quality food for the entire population of the planet? What is food sovereignty and how it improve people lives? What alternatives are there to innovate and find better solutions for increasing number of people? Could permaculture, organic growing, locally source products, better conditions for women agricultural workers and distribution be considered seriously? How can we produce and consume healthy food in fast-paced environments such as big cities?

Africa G. Zanella

Africa G. Zanella

Centre for Sustainability and Gender Economics

10h50 – 12h45