During Welcome session of NESI Forum, Paloma Peñarrubia (Las flores no lloran) will present us her work MAPA, Music Anthropology and landscapes

Mapa is a eternal journey through differents countries for recording, from a subjetive view, the sound, the landscapes and people which form the shapes of each place.

Mapa is a documentary from a poetic speech, a deep awareness of the music and the silence from the corners and the hills of the own nature.

Mapa is a different view of a music álbum. A joining between digital art, video-creation and soundart connected in a same goal. The Creating  the cartography of feelings

Welcome to my MAPA …

By Paloma Peñarrubia (1984, Spain) Musician, electronic procesor, composer and insaciable researcher. She began her music training at eleven years old. Academies, conservatories and private schools complemented her classical studies with technical learning and musical creation with digital formats and new technologies. She has participated as composer in several proyects closely relacionated with the image, video and escenic arts. Are outlined works for dance and theatre, some spot advertisement, desing, documentaries or films as “Seis y medio” of Julio Fraga director. Besides her works as composer, Paloma carry on her personal proyects. A experimental music band “Las flores no lloran” and the recording music editor “Oigovisiones Label”, which she is co-founder.

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