11:00 13:00 Collaborative Challenge:

Role Play to Discuss and Create a Company with the Values ​​of the New Economy versus the Conventional Economy
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This collaborative challenge involves Secondary Education students, their teachers and supporters and participants in the Common Good Economy.

It is based on a discussion game, with roles randomly distributed among the participants, so that the principles and values ​​of the Economy become evident.

Role-playing games are a very effective strategy for working on values, attitudes and action principles, as they encourage reflection, analysis and debate on key issues.


  • Disseminate the principles and values ​​of the Economy of Common Good among the educational community (Secondary Education Centers).
  • Raise awareness of the need to promote a fairer, more solidary, cooperative and democratic economy.
  • Work and promote values ​​such as trust, appreciation, cooperation, solidarity and willingness to share in the educational community.

Juan Carlos Tójar Hurtado. Professor at the UMA
Leticia Concepción. Professor at the UMA
María Gracias Sánchez Ramos, IES Cerro del Viento




The challenge consists of practical workshops in classrooms of Secondary Education Centers.

In each of the workshops two business projects are created: one based on the principles of classical capitalist economy (profitability, competitiveness, …), and another based on the principles and values ​​that define the Common Good Economy (social benefits, cooperation,…).

The participants, divided into groups, by roles (clients, suppliers, workers, entrepreneurs, …), and for each business project, prepare a business proposal.

In a second phase they defend their proposal in a public debate. During the debate the principles and values ​​that underpin each of the business models are revealed and arguments are generated in favor of and against the different positions.

In a third phase, the participants freed from their roles value the experience and the arguments used by each of the groups, both the own and the opposite positions.

13:00 Cultural closing

FYCMA central square